What are you doing here? What do you want?

Is it music? We can play music

But you want more more...

You want something & someone new.

Am I right?

Of course I am. You want ecstasy

Desire & dreams.

Jim Morrison.

Machine Gun

baby blue ::

blue is the color of hes bright
he's  old uniform
the sky above

red is the color of hell below
blood in  he's body
desires & fantasies

red is the color of live that often slips away
red is the color 
that often slips away

blue is the color of he's old uniform
and the sky above 
and hell below.

factor numero uno
amplia, sobria heroina
factor numero dos
insaciable, delicada destructiva

ese brillo cognitivo
ese traje de arquetipo

es una contraposicion
un huracan de inspiracion

  • "Shiney, shiney, shiney boots of leather,
    whip crash girl child in the dark,
    he comes dressed in pearls(?) your servent,
    don't forsake him, strike him mistress and cure his heart...."